Northern Tide Apparel

Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.
Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.

A dress for Fishing?

womans fishing dress

As a keen angler and a lover of all things outdoors, I always struggled to find something comfortable to wear. Most of the time I wore an oversized male shirt, tucked in a little or knotted to one side. This lack of suitable clothing is what generated the idea of the fishing dress, and lead to the formation of Northern Tide Apparel.

I first explored the concept of a ‘fishing dress’ in 2017. It was one of those ideas that pops into your head and ‘niggles’ at you until you start to do something about it. I began by sketching dress designs at the kitchen table, cutting up the current oversized shirts, then sewing templates at a small machine in my bedroom. When things started to become a little more ‘real’ I moved to work at a computer desk tucked away in the corner of my living room. Family, work commitments, a busy outdoor lifestyle (and the dreaded word confidence) meant the initial development of the dress took a little time to come to fruition. But in April 2021 the first Northern Tide Fishing Dress was officially launched!

female fishing on boat
This is me in the first prototype made
Launching Northern Tide Apparel has brought a truly unique item to the fishing and outdoor world for women. I am excited and proud to be the innovator of the fishing dress, and hope my brand is able to encourage, support and inspire women.

Northern Tide’s mission is to challenge unrealistic body image standards and embrace all women. I strive to empower women to look and feel good whilst enjoying all forms of outdoor activities.

Specifically designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, to be both functional and stylish, the fishing dress is proof that strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive.
Northern Tide is certainly an authentically ‘home-grown’ Australian business. I hope you love the items as much as I do!

Thanks, Danielle xx