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Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.
Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.

UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY SHAPE – Why? It’s just a Fishing Dress!

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UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY SHAPE – Why? It’s just a Fishing Dress!

It may seem common sense, but understanding your body shape is the key to knowing how to dress your best. But, why would you need to know this in order to purchase a Fishing dress?

Well… each Northern Tide Fishing Dress has subtle differences, whether it be the length, the cut or the unique hem finish of our fishing shirts. Before launching our original Fishing Dress range we tried, tested and developed many prototypes to ensure the finished product was something we could be extremely proud of.

The term ‘Body Shape’ is a way to categorise and understand different body types based on the body’s proportions and distribution of weight.

Common body shapes and their characteristics are:

Hourglass: If you’re an hourglass shape, you’ll have a well-defined waistline.  Your bust and hips will be relatively balanced and proportionate. The shoulders and hips are usually aligned, creating a curvy silhouette. This body shape is often considered the ideal and many clothing styles. The Jersey Fishing Dress and the Shirt Fishing Dress are both designed to accentuate these amazing curves.

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Pear: The pear shape, also known as the triangle shape, is those of you who are blessed with wider hips and thighs compared to their bust and shoulders. Your waist is usually well-defined with the upper body narrower than the lower body. Clothing styles that balance your proportions by adding volume to your upper body or by emphasising your waist are often flattering for this shape. Depending on your personal preference, wearing the Shirt Fishing Dress as a slimmer fitting style around your hips or the Jersey Fishing Dress a little snugger, with the zip a little lower, will help balance your appearance.

Apple: The apple shape refers to those who are blessed with a fuller midsection and carry weight around the waistline. Your bust is usually larger although the hips and thighs may be narrower in comparison. Clothing styles that create a more defined waistline or draw attention to other areas like the legs or décolletage can be flattering for this shape.  The Jersey Hi-Rider Fishing Dress, with its long front zip works beautifully for “apple” ladies.

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Rectangle: The rectangle shape refers to those who possess a straight or athletic shape.  The bust, waist, and hip measurements are quite similar and the waist is less defined.  Clothing styles that create the illusion of curves or add volume to specific areas, such as the bust or hips, can help enhance this body shape.  Both Northern Tide’s Jersey Fishing Dress and the Shirt Fishing Dress will look awesome if this is your shape.

Inverted Triangle: Those whose body looks a little like an inverted triangle shape will have broader shoulders and bust compared to your hips and waist. Your upper body is usually more prominent, and your lower body may appear narrower. Clothing styles like Northern Tide’s Shirt Fishing Dress balance the proportions by adding volume or emphasis to the lower body can help create a more balanced look.

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Alternatively, if a Fishing Dress is not for you, we have uniquely styled Fishing Shirts. These Fishing Shirts have a longer scooped hem design, perfect to wear over legging or shorts. The scooped hem is designed to protect your modesty providing a little extra coverage. The extra length gives you the option of tucking the shirt in for a more modern vibe, with plenty of room for reaching and stretching without the hip, bum and tummy exposure of so many standard Fishing Shirts.

It’s important to note that these are general body shape categories and individuals may have variations or combinations of these shapes. The key is to understand your own body’s proportions and choose clothing styles that flatter and enhance your body’s unique features. 

Here at Northern Tide we aim to cater for all women, with the understanding that no body shape is the same. Women of all shapes, sizes and heights look incredible in our Fishing dresses and Fishing shirts, which are the perfect choice for all types outdoor activities, not just fishing and boating adventures. 


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