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Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.
Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.

Breastfeeding in your Northern Tide Dress

woman breastfeeding in fishing dress


Did you know you can easily breastfeed when wearing any one of the Northern Tide Fishing Dresses? 



We wanted to ensure our apparel would suit all women. With this in mind, we have specifically designed all of our Fishing Dresses to be breastfeeding friendly. 

Both our Shirt Dresses and Shirts are front buttoned and our Jersey Dresses have an extra-long zipper which allows simple, discreet easy to the breast. 

This functionality ensures you can fish, relax, BBQ and just enjoy the outdoors, without having to strip off to accommodate breastfeeding your bub.


fishing dress and kids

We (as mothers at Northern Tide) understand that most clothing items have to be lifted or taken off to allow you to nurse your young one. We know just how difficult and inconvenient that can be at times. At Northern Tide Apparel, we have designed our dresses to be multi-functional: you can unzip or unbutton to cool down if necessary, and you can also discretely feed your little one without having to remove the dress.

The ideal clothing for breast feeding is one that allows a hungry baby immediate access to the breast. All our range allows that, with either an unbutton or a quick unzip, and everyone is happy. Whether you’re wearing a one piece, your bikini top or a maternity bra, all Northern Tide Apparel Fishing Dresses make it quick and simple for bub to access the breast.


We are proud to be able to support nursing mums continue to enjoy all aspects of their lifestyle by ensuring they look good and feel great in our Fishing and Outdoor Dresses.


Danielle xx

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