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At Northern Tide Apparel we promise to remain environmentally conscious. We believe in reducing plastic waste wherever possible.

Soft plastics – We will recycle all of our soft plastics

Compostable / biodegradable mailing bags – We aim to reduce the use of plastic, one bag at a time. We use composable mailing bags, these are made from corn starch and are suitable for your composter or simply place with your normal waste. These bags completely break down within 180 days. A standard plastic bag that can take up to 400 years!

Minimal packaging – We will use only what packaging is necessary to get the item to you. We remove any plastic and recycle

No plastic tags – We will use cardboard, rope and twine.

We aim to increase environmental awareness as the brand grows.

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Northern Tide Apparel is a female owned and operated Australian registered business.
Trademark rights are in place.

Northern Tide Apparel, Northern Territory, Australia.