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Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.
Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.

Jersey Dress Sizing

Sizing is key for the Jersey Dress

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The Jersey Dress is unique, as are body shapes and preferences.
Check out the details to decide your size.

  • Locate the widest point on your body (butt / breasts).
  • Compare your measurements to the size chart.

  • For a slimmer fit can you be a total of a couple of centimetres larger than the dress size (in the above widest measurement).
  • For a standard or loose fit, ensure you are smaller than the chosen dress size.
  • The tighter it is, the shorter the dress becomes (especially around the butt area).

  • Original / High-Rider: This is a shorter length, perfect for those who are petite or happy to show some leg
  • Mid-Rider: This is a mid length (depending on your height) prefect for those who want a slightly longer length (see below example)

  • Still struggling? Get in contact, we are more than happy to assist.

Total Bust
fullest point
Total Butt
Widest point
All measurements are in cm
Measurements are the body circumference
Sizes are a guide only and slight differences may be present due to the manufacturing process

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For the Shirt Dress sizing click HERE

Her spirit defines her

Her style sets her apart

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