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Based way up north in the Territory, where the sun is strong and the fishing unreal, the Northern Tide Fishing Dress was born as the result of a persistent search for something suitable to wear while out on the water.

I became passionate about designing alternative options for women who love an outdoors lifestyle and as they say, persistence pays off, with the launch of the first Fishing Dress in 2020.

Northern Tide Fishing Dresses (and Shirts) have you covered for all occasions whether that be boating, fishing, beach time or BBQ.

Look good, feel great, and stay sun protected in style.
Danielle xx

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Wonderful dresses....they are practical, comfy to wear and look great! I decided to buy one from each range...the orange mid rider jersey dress and the maroon shirt dress. Love them both! The material is top quality and the fit is flattering. Great for the boat and the beach, and the pub for lunch afterwards. Can highly recommend for anyone still on the fence.
Donna Simmons
Love your Dresses!.. I got three for Christmas and my daughter got a matching one to mine. I bought one for a friend for her birthday and she loves it. Nearly every time I wear mine someone will comment on how nice it is. I am from the territory so makes me proud to wear something that's from there.
Moon Sine
I am currently doing the big lap around Australia and I have now been wearing my shirt dress all three days since I picked it up at the post office. That is how awesome it is! Got to love camping life ;). (One of the days was 40 degrees. I am so happy that the parcel arrived before that day). Thank you for a great product!
Karin Nilsson Helan
Amazing, if I could rate higher than 5 stars I would. The apparel is amazing. So lightweight and comfortable. 100% could not live without these in my wardrobe. I own 1 jersey shirt and 2 shirts, and 100% could not live without these in my wardrobe.
Matthew Johnson


Her spirit defines her, her style sets her apart.

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