Innovators of the Fishing Dress

Created to challenge
Designed to inspire

Northern Tide evolved to address the imbalance of available fishing and outdoor apparel for women. ‘With the innovation of the first Jersey Dress, we bring something truly unique to the mix

Our mission is to encourage, support and inspire women. We challenge unrealistic body standards and embrace all. We aim to empower women to look and feel good whilst doing the outdoor activity they love.

We are proud to design for females, ensuring we place our energy and focus into creating specialised designs.

We are committed to delivering high quality UPF50+ ARPANSA certified fabrics and will remain impact aware in our journey. We are proudly an Australian, female owned and operated business.

Her spirit defines her

Her style sets her apart

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Northern Tide Apparel is a female owned and operated Australian registered business.
Trademark rights are in place.

Northern Tide Apparel, Northern Territory, Australia.