Impact Aware

Environmentally conscious in our journey


Environmentally conscious in
our journey

Ladies Fishing Apparel, Impact Aware Facts

At Northern Tide Apparel we promise to remain environmentally conscious in our journey because we believe in reducing plastic waste wherever possible, and strive to minimise our impact on the planet. Check out our impact aware facts below: 

Solar powered office: Since launching in April 2021 we have grown significantly and have successfully managed to build our own office. We are EXTREMELY proud to announce this is fully solar powered, so by utilising the suns rays our daily work is sustainable (those same rays we work so hard to protect you from in our UPF clothing!!)

Soft Plastics

All of our ladies fishing apparel arrives in plastic dust bags to protect your new fishing dress whilst in transit. We consciously recycle all of these soft plastic bags, along with any other soft plastics that we may use. Prior to posting your fishing dress to you, we remove them from the dust bags, wrap your purchase in recycled tissue paper and place into a biodegradable, compostable mailing bag. 

Biodegradable Mailing Bags

Here at Northern Tide, we consciously use biodegradable mailing bags as we aim to reduce the use of plastic bags, one bag at a time. You can place these in your garden composter or simply dispose of with your normal waste because these will completely break down within 180 days. A standard plastic bag can take as long as 400 years to break down.

Minimal Packaging

Because we are committed to minimal packaging we use only what is absolutely necessary to ensure you receive your fishing dress in perfect condition. We do not overcomplicate things by adding unnecessary boxes, bags, tags or other single use items.  

No plastic tags

At Northern Tide Apparel our tags are composed of biodegradable cardboard and are secured with natural twine.  These items are all environmentally friendly and when disposed of will break down naturally. When you purchase our women’s fishing gear and accessories from us you can rest assured that our products do not cause unnecessary harm to our environment. 

Recycled towels:

Our towels utilise up to 30 post-consumer plastic bottles. We deliver a high end, sustainable product that does not skimp on quality or appearance. This is something we are proud to put our name against.

Northern Tide Apparel is a female owned and operated Australian registered business.
Trademark rights are in place.

Northern Tide Apparel, Northern Territory, Australia.

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